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1/2-Inch Cartridge Heater

1/2-Inch Cartridge Heater: Available in Stock Lengths of 2-Inch to 8-Inch and Wattages Ranging from 120W to 630W

1/4-Inch Cartridge Heater

We have 1/4-inch cartridge heater elements in stock, available in lengths ranging from 1 inch to 5 inches. The wattage options for these heaters range from 20W to 400W. Our standard voltage is 240V, and for specific lengths, we also offer 120V.

1000W Ruby Infrared Lamp: 230V, 254mm Length, with R7S Ends

Introducing the Ruby Infrared Lamp: 1000W, 230V, 254mm Length, with R7S Ends.

10mm Stainless Steel Panel Mount Indicators

10mm Stainless Steel Panel Mount Indicators, 230V, with Quantity Discounts Our 10mm stainless steel panel mount indicators are the perfect solution for your signaling needs. With a sturdy stainless steel construction, these indicators offer durability and reliability in various applications.

1100W Ruby Infrared Lamp with R7S Ends, 110V, 348mm Length

Introducing the Ruby Infrared Lamp: 1100W, 110V, 348mm with R7S Ends - A Suitable Replacement for Rhino TQ3 and Clarke Devil 355SP/370SP/370P/370SPB/370PB/370SPC/371SP

118mm Catering Lamps with Reflector-Mesh

118mm Catering Lamps with Reflector-Mesh: Safety Mesh for Reflector Dish and Holder

12.5mm Cartridge Heating Element

Introducing our versatile 12.5mm cartridge heater, now available in stock lengths ranging from 50mm to 200mm. With wattage options ranging from 150 to 600w, this heater is designed to meet a wide range of heating requirements. Our standard offering includes 230v power supply, while specific lengths are also available in 120v. Experience efficient and reliable heating with our 12.5mm cartridge heate

12.5mm Cartridge Heating Element

Introducing our 12.5mm Cartridge Heater: Stock Lengths from 50mm to 200mm, Wattages from 150W to 600W. Standard 230V, Select Lengths Available in 120V.

16mm Cartridge Heater – High-Quality Heating Element

Introducing the 16mm Cartridge Heater, now available in various stock lengths ranging from 50mm to 200mm and wattages ranging from 225W to 1000W, all designed to operate at 230V. Experience reliable and efficient heating with this versatile cartridge heater.

220-R7S Catering Lamps

Catering Lamps 220-R7S: Jacketed Heat Lamps for Food Display and Heated Counters

220mm Catering Lamp Lampholder and Reflector Set

Stainless Steel Lampholder and Reflector Set for 220mm Catering Lamp (Fits 220mm R7s Lamps)

22mm Panel Mount Indicators

22mm Panel Mount Indicators for 230V Applications, Suitable for 22mm Diameter x 45mm Length, Locknut Fitting, 220V Screw Connection